Photovoltaic Farming Project in Pingtung

Typhoon Morakot ravaged Pingtung County on August 8, 2009. The embankment along Linbian Creek collapsed and water flooded Linbian and Jiadong Townships. Many flooded wax apple fields became uncultivable. Local residents who used to rely on growing wax apples for livelihood were forced to switch to illegal aquaculture and over-pumped the ground water that caused severe land subsidence. On the other hand, the low-lying coastal areas tend to have sanilized soils and susceptible to the influence of climate.

Implement the Concept of Sustainable Community and Provide Win-Win Solution

Soil salinization along the coastal areas of Pingtung has rendered cultivation difficult. Residents there switched to pond fish culture in order to make a living. But the over-pumping of ground water as a result has caused severe land subsidence, which posed a formidable challenge to give equal consideration to economic development and environmental conservation. Under the photovoltaic farming to conserve water project that LCY Co. Ltd. (LCYCY), an affiliate of LCY GROUP, helped develop, residents can sell electricity to the government and build a green community that coexists with the environment. It provides a win-win solution by ensuring stable income for the residents, and at the same time, the sustainable use of natural resources.

To help flood victims restore their homeland and to tackle the challenges brought about by the natural environment, LCYCY joined the rank of national land restoration and community rehabilitation. Under the photovoltaic farming to conserve water project advocated by the Pingtung County Government, LCYCY leases land from farmland for the installation of solar power plant. The project helps the transformation of barren farmland, enables more effective use of farmland, while letting it take a break. Originally LCYCY was not the largest contractor in the project. But as policy adjustment and considerations of equipment costs and construction difficulty led to the withdrawals of contractors for the Wen-An Section and Guang-Lin Section of the project, LCYCY resolutely took over the left-over sections and ended up being the largest contractor.

Protect the Eco-environment and Promote Community Upgrade and Transformation

The solar power plant built by LCYCY under the photovoltaic farming project entails erecting solar panels above fish ponds or farmland. The fish pond can catch rainwater to enrich groundwater resources and dilute salt in the soil so the farmland can be reused later on. The energy harvested by the solar panels can be turned into electricity and sold to Taiwan Power to generate income for both the landowner and the contractor. The project not only conserves the eco-environment, it also drives the economic development of the community, improves the livelihood of farmers, and energizes reserves for transformation and upgrade.

Respond to Government’s Call for Renewable Energy, Build Reproducible Green Energy Community

Echoing LCY GROUP’s longstanding efforts in green energy development and emphasis on solar energy construction, LCYCY participated in the photovoltaic farming project of Pingtung Government. After surmounting significant challenges, we helped turn disaster-hit areas into a paradigm of green energy community and plan to leverage our success experience in photovoltaic farming to develop more business in this field in the future.

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