Corporate R&D Center in Nanzi, Kaohsiung is designed by the award-winning architect Ching-Haw Chang and built by the standards of Taiwan’s Diamond Grade Green Building Certification System and the U.S. LEED Green Building Rating System. The building makes full use of solar energy and recyclable building materials, installs rainwater collection systems, and uses products produced by LCY as building elements to reduce carbon footprint, and build a green and people-oriented R&D research environment. LCY will recruit and cultivate more outstanding research personnel after the Nanzi R&D Center starts operation.

Discover our R&D Center

Missions of the Division

R&D Division is entrusted with the following missions
to help the Group realize the vision of being a world-class company:

  • Establish an effective R&D organization with functional systems and policies
  • Recruit, nurture, and develop talented researchers and technical leaders
  • Develop internal research and development capabilities
  • Leverage external and institutional R&D resources for internal applications
  • Identify relevant technologies for licensing, acquisition and/or development
  • Provide strategic technology direction for the future growth of the corporation
  • Protect and manage Intellectual Properties of the Corporation
  • Provide technical supports for existing businesses
  • Improve process technologies to reduce
    manufacturing costs and enhance
    competitive positions

Current Strategic Directions and Focuses of R&D

Objectives of R&D Center

Objectives of R&D Center

Develop own technologies targeting the needs of the Group.

  • Extend existing products and integrate upstream- downstream supply chain.
  • Develop differentiated process technologies and increase the added values of products to achieve the goal of high value-added industry.
  • Develop green energy related application materials.

The establishment of Nanzi R&D Center is a milestone for LCY GROUP. It signifies a defining moment in LCY’s march toward becoming a world-class company. The R&D Center is conveniently located in northern Kaohsiung. While research personnel undertake R&D, they will still stay in close touch with the domestic and foreign markets. The R&D Center will also serve as the LCY’s second window of communication with the market in addition to the head office in Taipei. The Group can also leverage the advantage of having a research center to enter collaboration with other research institutions and companies to build win-win partnership.

Purposes of R&D Center

People are the foundation of R&D

Innovation and differentiated technologies are keys to the sustainability of a corporation. LCY’s Research and Development organization is strived to combine and capitalize the corporate resources via our core values in safety, integrity, innovation, team work and accountable leadership of our people to achieve technology excellence in areas where we do businesses.

We value, nurture and develop our R&D staffs so that they can achieve excellence. We consider our human resource the essential part of these forever challenging endeavors in new discoveries and development of knowledge and technologies.


Kaohsiung Nanzi R&D Center

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