LCY joins the push for “Million Rooftop PVs Program”

LCY joins the push for “Million Rooftop PVs Program”
LCY Group announced today (20th) the signing of a cooperation agreement with Taitung County Government to jointly promote the “Million Rooftop PV Program.” The agreement entails the installation of solar panels on government-owned premises as a demonstration of supplementary power supply system using solar photovoltaics. The signing ceremony took place at the lobby of Taitung County hall where LCY Group, together with Taitung County Government, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) witnessed Taitung’s entry into the age of green, renewable energy, which would put the county on the map of million solar roofs.

At the signing ceremony, LCY Group Chairman Bowei Lee said: “When taking into consideration of both economic development and environmental governance, solar energy is the easiest source of alternative energy that helps drive the green economy.” He pointed out that along with population growth, developing alternative energy is an inevitable solution for Taiwan that relies totally on energy imports. On this, Chairman Lee stressed: “This collaboration with the Taitung County Government on the solar PV community building project signifies an important step for LCY Group in its commitment to renewable energy use, green environment construction and development of sustainable community.”

This solar rooftop project is a follow-up of LCY’s 2011 “Photovoltaic Farming to Conserve Water Project”, a project in collaboration with the Pingtung County Government. The widely lauded “Photovoltaic Farming” project successfully transforms barren farmland in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot and supplies power to nearly 10,000 households every month. LCY points out that Taitung’s solar rooftop project to be undertaken by LCY Group is expected to drive the local economy, add more jobs, and help sustainable energy development.

LCY Group makes headway into green energy R&D and applications in recent year in response to the demands for energy conservation and energy related products, while endeavoring to achieve the vision of low-carbon homeland. LCY subsidiary Taiwan Polysilicon Corp (TPSI) is currently the only polysilicon producer in Taiwan. Its solar power generation capacity is also the highest in the country, and it has the capability to plan highly efficient, world-class solar power plant. Those advantages helped the Group win the approval of Taitung County Government. Chairman Lee emphasized that although the prospect of world’s solar energy industry is unclear, LCY Group’s resolve to embrace green technology and practice environmental sustainability never wavers.

The “Million Rooftop PV Program” is initiated by the Bureau of Energy, MOEA. Through subsidy for power grid tie-in and promotion campaign, the program encourages municipalities, counties and cities to promote the construction of solar PV community in alignment with the local community characteristics. This collaboration project between LCY and Taitung County Government will be a pilot project that starts with schools or government agencies and is expected to have total power generation capacity of 5.88MW in two years.

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