LCY Showcases at K 2022 with Advanced Elastomer Portfolio and C.A.R.E. Expertise Accelerating Material Science Innovation for a Sustainable Future

LCY Showcases at K 2022 with Advanced Elastomer Portfolio and C.A.R.E. Expertise Accelerating Material Science Innovation for a Sustainable Future

LCY Chemical Corp., a leading material science company from Taiwan, showcases its thermoplastic elastomer portfolio at K 2022 to demonstrate how it accelerates material science innovation for a sustainable future. With manufacturing bases in Taiwan, China, and the US, as well as a wide distribution network of warehousing facilities across Europe, LCY joins hands with customers around the world to create the best-in-class material solutions with its in-depth knowledge in material functionality, proprietary hydrogenation process, customized quality products, and trusted local service support.

LCY’s Products such as Impact Modifiers are a Sustainable Solution for Recycled Materials

“In response to the world’s collective effort to tackle climate change, LCY deploys our 6R sustainable strategy to ease environmental impact through Recycling, Replacing, Reducing, Repurposing, Recovering, and Renewal of materials and resources,” said Seng Wui Lim, Senior Vice President of Elastomer Business, LCY Chemical Corp.

“We know the technology to enhance circularity. Our advanced products such as impact modifiers are a key enabler for sustainability solutions that help enhance usability and lifetime of recycled plastics, which consequently reduce plastics wastes,” added Lim.

Traditionally, consumer goods made from recycled plastic may have degraded quality or less transparency. As a result, manufacturers have been exploring solutions to enhance product appearance and functionality, which may contribute to higher production costs. On the other hand, LCY’s state-of-the-art toughening modifier exhibits improved physical properties in strong plasticity, abrasion resistance, durability, and good modification capability. This low-medium molecular weight SEBS takes only 5% of total feedstock while proving to increase energy efficiency by 30% and production capacity by 20%, as well as saving on production costs for our customers.

In addition to impact modifiers, LCY also proudly presents its eco-friendly BSA (bio-based succinic acid). This revolutionary net-zero product adopts agriculture feedstock and is produced via advanced fermentation science. Compared with petro-based items, LCY’s bio solution completely cuts down on scope I emissions and reduces scope II emissions by 68%. The reaction of BSA and 1,4-butanediol produces degradable PBS (polybutylene succinate) that is widely used in compostable food packaging.

Our Expertise in C.A.R.E.
As an aspiring frontrunner in sustainable elastomer solutions, LCY’s elastomer portfolio demonstrates our expertise in C.A.R.E.
  • Clean Process: LCY’s proprietary hydrogenation process delivers products with low metal residues; its output products exhibit crystalized transparency - clean, safe, and compliant with regulations.
  • Applications of High Values: With proven quality in high-value applications such as medical components and 5G infrastructure, we look to further expand our portfolio and presence in high-value application market segments. Visitors are welcome to browse LCY’s K Fair booth and discover suitable elastomer solutions.
  • Recycled and Renewable Solutions for Sustainability: LCY’s commitment to creating a sustainable future drives us to continuously innovate and evolve our product offerings, including impact modifiers, bio-succinic acid, bio-based alternatives, and more.
  • Efficiency: LCY’s SBCs have enhanced properties and product performance. Equipped with good product processability as well as agile technical support, we help customers increase production and energy efficiency in processes.

  • Better Living with LCY Sustainable Elastomer Solutions Presented at K 2022

    LCY aspires to enhance better living for all with its sustainable elastomer solutions. At K 2022, we will showcase our outstanding offerings for the following applications
  • Medical Components: Safe and hygienic medical equipment and supplies offer users peace of mind. LCY’s high vinyl SEBS polymer GLOBALPRENE 9645D/9550 has low polystyrene content, contributing to soft texture, high transparency, and low extractable characteristics, making the polymer an excellent choice for medical applications and plastic modification. LCY’s SEBS polymer helps create safe medical experiences coupled with ultra-comfort.
  • Cosmetics: LCY’s novel Styrene-Ethylene-Propylene block copolymer GLOBALPRENE 8501U enables the richness of skincare products that users count on for cold, dry winters. It is designed to increase viscosity and enhance the shear-thinning function, allowing cream and lotions with rich texture to be easily applied and spread. This copolymer’s application is not limited to cosmetics and can also be found in fiber optical cable filling compounds.
  • Bonding Experience: From sticking a post-it to hanging your favorite family photos, LCY’s unique formulation designs of SBCs GLOBALPRENE 5516/9526D realize the superior adhesive experiences for an easy lifestyle. The excellent SBCs offering creates structural or pressure-sensitive adhesives and could be made into hot-melt adhesives to reduce VOC to protect our planet.

  • Join us at K 2022 to explore LCY’s #WeAreIn sustainable universe

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    LCY team invites visitors to our K 2022 exhibit at Hall 7.2 Stand F22. Our dedicated sales and technical support teams will share our latest breakthroughs in sustainability and technology, highlight exhibit content, and answer all the questions you may have. We are all in with our customers.

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