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Group Chairman

Honesty and integrity are the foremost traits we look for in prospective employees

Established nearly half a century ago, LCY GROUP has become a multi-national enterprise with consolidated revenue of nearly NTD 50 billion through operational strategies, including expansion of core businesses in energy and petrochemical, development of electronic chemical products and making headway into the solar energy sector. We constantly mull over and keep in mind the issue of how to help stimulate and promote local industries while benefiting the general public through industrial upgrade and development.

It is our goal to establish a world-class enterprise in Taiwan that offers green-tech, innovative and differentiated products to distinguish LCY GROUP as a world class sustainable enterprise with “innovation DNA.” Over the years, LCY GROUP has been paying close attention to global energy issues and discerning industrial trends and risks. We actively promote high-end petrochemical products and focus on seeking innovative ideas amongst ourselves and our chemical products. We employ advanced technologies to produce eco-friendly and high-quality products, and strive towards creating high value-added specialty chemicals.

Innovation leads to continuous breakthrough and surpassing own limits based on teamwork

Through the continuous upgrade of our core business in the chemical sector and making inroads into green energy business, we strive to gain higher profits for the corporation while providing our society and our country with a paradigm of forward-looking development and creating more job opportunity for the industry. These are what LCY GROUP sees as our responsibilities to the society.

Besides developing relevant materials and optimization techniques, we also put our focus on low pollution and high added-value products. Innovation in research and development is highly encouraged to support the development of high-tech materials. We believe that through continuous innovation, an enterprise will never stop growing. With every breakthrough, the whole company, working as a team can surpass its limits. This is how an enterprise maintains its competitive edge while developing towards sustainable operations.

LCY Corporate R&D Center was established in 2011

In 2011, we announced the establishment of a Corporate R&D Center at the Kaohsiung Site and plan to recruit over 500 R&D personnel in various specialties to join us in new technology R&D in the areas of solar energy, biomass, and other green energy. When the R&D Center starts operation, our R&D expenditure is expected to increase by NTD 400 to 500 million a year. We believe that our investment in R&D will bring opportunities for sustainable growth and business upgrades.

We understand that high-value business is one of the focuses in business development; we also recognize profoundly the importance of fostering R&D talents and believe that people are vital assets of the corporation. Thus, we recruit employees possessing the merits of integrity, innovation, teamwork, and leadership and see honesty as the first principle among them all. This is because we believe that when we work with our clients or suppliers, integrity and honesty are the keys to sustainable relationship development.

Business development is a relay race. Both the management team and individual employees must have the ability to learn and adapt quickly

In order to take better care of our employees, we work assiduously to provide them with a healthy and safe working environment through introducing an international system for environmental safety and health standards. Furthermore, we require the same environmental- friendly, healthy and safe processes during operation. Through inspection and audit mechanisms, we work systematically with our suppliers to bring about environmentally friendly and low carbon products. Through training programs, we encourage our employees to work on all kinds of possibilities and learn from small failures and brainstorms. We understand that the development of an enterprise is like a relay race, thus it requires every single function in the corporation, from management to each individual, to learn efficiently and adapt fast in order to face challenges from sustainable development.

In terms of social contribution, we have long been nurturing young talented people in creativity training through contests held by the LCY Education Foundation. The Foundation offers scholarships to winners who successfully integrate creativity and chemical expertise in their projects. Through full range of challenges, it is our hope that merits like integrity, innovation, team work, and leadership can be driven into the new generation.

Looking towards the future, I am confident that LCY GROUP will become a world-class multi-national enterprise in the ensuing 20 years. When people speak of chemical corporations in Asia, they will conjure up the name LCY GROUP. This is the challenge we are willing to undertake, and the goal LCY GROUP is bound to achieve. It is my pleasure to lead LCY GROUP towards realizing such a dream and win the trust of the general public by fulfilling our social responsibilities to all.

Bowei Lee
Group Chairman of LCY GROUP

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