LCY is committed to improving the quality of life since its inception in 1915. In more than 40 years in the petrochemical business, LCY embraces the core beliefs of strengthening competitiveness, heavy emphasis on industrial safety and environmental protection, globalized operations, highly efficient teamwork, and providing strong customer services satisfactory to customers. We constantly seek innovation and strategic partnership while exploring infinite possibilities to break new grounds at measured pace so as to maintain our competitive edge. We assiduously learn from world-class corporations as we steer towards the goal of turning ourselves into a world-class company. For our employees, we provide a safe work environment and comprehensive benefits.

We also have excellent training and career development systems in place to help employees maximize their potentials. As LCY grows and expands, we need more professionals with international vision and enterprising spirit to join the LCY Family.

Apply Onine

Upload your resume for the job you like to apply to and we will process your application as soon as we receive it.

Resume Screening

We will carry out preliminary screening of your specialties, educational background, work experience, and professional licenses and certificates.
If your pass the preliminary screening, you will be contacted by phone or mail to come in for an interview.
You will not be notified if we do not have a suitable job for you at the present time.


Before you come for the interview, please prepare the necessary documents (autobiography, curriculum vitae, diploma, grade reports, and a headshot). We will inform you of the interview result by phone or mail.

Job Offer

If you are hired, we will notify you by phone and inform you of the documents required for reporting to the job. We will also send you a job offer letter to your mailing address by express mail.


  • What should I bring for interview?

    Basically, two-inch photo, resume and academic certification of degree with ranking (master should bring both master and bachelor one) are required. If candidate has relative thesis, license, certification, and etc., it is welcome to show to us. For foreigner it may have adjustment, please kindly refer to the indications in the interview invitation letter.
  • Should I have English certification or other license?

    For some particular jobs, designated license or certification is necessary. For the other jobs, relative license or certification is preferred but not a barrier to entry for the candidate doesn`t have.
  • How long I will be notified for the interview after application?

    All suitable resumes will be delivered to relative managers to review within two week. Candidates will receive interview invitation within another two week.
  • Does any exam be included in interview?

    Yes. Exams for character, profession and English ability are necessary. Part of candidates will be required to make a presentation.
  • How to arrive the place of interview?

    Please kindly refer to the indication in the interview invitation letter and be on time.
  • How long I will be notified the hiring decision after interview?

    About two week after interview, candidate will be informed admission notice via phone (or greeting letter via e-mail). Please kindly note that second interview may be arranged when it is necessary.
  • What kinds of training are provided?

    A comprehensive training system is built according to all you need in different position and career step to assist employee`s moving up. The diversified courses are provided via face to face teaching and e-learning.
  • How is dormitory providing?

    We have dormitory for employee. A dormitory regulation is followed for distribution priority.
  • How is the rotation including overseas?

    According to your background and potential, the suitable rotation including overseas will be assigned.
  • How is the promotion opportunity?

    To provide you a positive career, our promotion process is openness and transparency with systemic evaluation.
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