The goals of our training and development programs are to enhance workforce quality and the job skills of employees, incite enthusiasm in work and prepare employees to embrace challenges, thereby creating greater business value and achieving business objectives and sustained development of the company.

To realize these goals and in response to the manpower needs arising from rapid organizational growth, we have established a complete education and training framework in alignment with the organizational functions. We make proper planning for orientation training, professional training, management training for all management levels, environmental protection and industrial safety training, and business ideas courses to provide employees with all-round training through classroom learning or e-learning. Our aim is to enable each and every employee to improve continuously in professional competencies and find the right arena that best suits their capability.

Psychological counseling

We provide one-on-one psychological counseling service allowing employees who are susceptible to stress and personal challenges in life to communicate their problems to a professional counselor in a relaxing, secure and warm environment. Through counseling, they are able to build a life full of love and vitality for themselves with the self-knowledge and personal growth gained!

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