The company offers internships in our plants to students of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of National University of Kaohsiung and the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering and Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology each year.

Keynotes at higher educational institutions

Participating in campus recruitment each year and deliver keynote speeches at higher educational institutions. Help students build self-awareness and identify their personality traits through various workshops with different themes. Hold mock interviews to allow students to determine if they are adequately prepared for interviews and learn how to discuss their salary expectations and evaluate appropriate job openings for themselves etc.


As part of the company’s talent acquisition strategy, participate actively in the Ministry of Science and Technology talent programs, RAISE and LIFT, to attract high-ranking skilled personnel in the industries both at home and abroad. Also partake in the AI training presentations of the Institute for Information Industry to seek potential qualified candidates.

Campus Recruitment

While LCY is turning into a world-class company, we look forward to having people who endeavor and excel in different fields to join us and work with other elites at LCY to create infinite opportunities and possibilities with passion and creativity.

We provide comprehensive training system and career development opportunities to help you find the path leading to greater achievements in life. We have comprehensive compensation and benefit system and promotional channels in place to help you find balance in work and life.

Let’s set out on a great journey together.

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