Through regular reviews of internal and external pay levels, the company ensures the competitiveness of its compensation and incentive measures and cultivates employees’ expertise and skills required in line with its operating strategy.

As part of its diversified employee care program, the company further offers benefits superior to those available under the law. The employee welfare committee is in charge of devising and enforcing the annual welfare agenda and measures to improve employees’ physical and mental well-being and work-life balance, in a bid to encourage competent professionals to join LCY to foster a mutually beneficial future in cooperation with the company.
  • Benefits

    Employees are entitled to the following in addition to the rights protected by the Labor Standards Act:

    • Performance bonus
    • Year-end bonus
    • Festival bonus and birthday bonus
    • Meal allowance
    • Study allowance
    • Occupational injury benefit and emergency aid
    • Group insurance
    • Holiday package superior to entitlements under the Labor Standards Act
    • Flexitime
  • Health and recreation
    • Travel allowance
    • Fitness equipment, and massage by visually impaired massagists
    • Psychological counseling
    • Special offers of designated stores
    • Clubs
    • Unlimited coffee
    • Regular flu shot
    • High-level physical examination
    • Pandemic care
  • Family care
    • Wedding cash gift
    • Maternity cash gift
    • Funeral support payment
    • Child education subsidy
    • Group insurance for family dependents
    • Physical examination benefits for family dependents
  • Retirement
    • Employee benefit trust
    • Retirement party
    • Advice on retirement planning
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