Questions About Investment

  • LCY Technology(LCYT) is an important listed subsidiary of the LCY Group, where can I find LCYT profile on the website?

    (1) Please go to the " Market Observation Post System " website, and click "Company Basic Information" in the basic information for inquiries,
    (2) Please go to the official website of LCYT for inquiries,
  • What is the stock code of LCYT?

    LCYT stock code is 4989.
  • Who may I contact for LCYT stock services?

    If you have any questions concerning your shares, related issues such as stock transfer, inheritance, change of address, etc., please call the share administration department of CTBC Bank.
    Address: 5F, No. 83, Chung-Ching South Road Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan
    TEL: 886-2-6636-5566
    FAX: 886-2-2311-6723

Questions About Recruitment

  • What should I bring for interview?

    Basically, two-inch photo, resume and academic certification of degree with ranking (master should bring both master and bachelor one) are required. If candidate has relative thesis, license, certification, and etc., it is welcome to show to us. For foreigner it may have adjustment, please kindly refer to the indications in the interview invitation letter.
  • Should I have English certification or other license?

    For some particular jobs, designated license or certification is necessary. For the other jobs, relative license or certification is preferred but not a barrier to entry for the candidate doesn`t have.
  • How long I will be notified for the interview after application?

    All suitable resumes will be delivered to relative managers to review within two week. Candidates will receive interview invitation within another two week.
  • Does any exam be included in interview?

    Yes. Exams for character, profession and English ability are necessary. Part of candidates will be required to make a presentation.
  • How to arrive the place of interview?

    Please kindly refer to the indication in the interview invitation letter and be on time.
  • How long I will be notified the hiring decision after interview?

    About two week after interview, candidate will be informed admission notice via phone (or greeting letter via e-mail). Please kindly note that second interview may be arranged when it is necessary.
  • What kinds of training are provided?

    A comprehensive training system is built according to all you need in different position and career step to assist employee`s moving up. The diversified courses are provided via face to face teaching and e-learning.
  • How is dormitory providing?

    We have dormitory for employee. A dormitory regulation is followed for distribution priority.
  • How is the rotation including overseas?

    According to your background and potential, the suitable rotation including overseas will be assigned.
  • How is the promotion opportunity?

    To provide you a positive career, our promotion process is openness and transparency with systemic evaluation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • What is environmental risk management?

    It includes management system maintenance and risk control. The former is such as industrial safety, occupational health, environmental protection, security, health ...e.t.c..; the latter involves hazard identification, risk assessment, loss control, engineering improvements, asset management, insurance operations. Besides, emergency response, business continuous management and crisis management are also belong to environmental risk management.
  • What is our corporate EHS organization?

    The corporate EHS organization is named Environmental Risk Management Division, which is established for the purpose of formulating group’s risk management strategies, enabling enterprise to minimize the risk as well as its benefits maximization. Besides, we ensure the best interests of the employer and a safe workplace for employees. The Environmental Risk Management Department is in charge of Safety& Environment Department and Loss Control Department, each responsible for environmental risk management and relevant technical engineering. They are in charge of overseeing the occupational safety and health offices at each site, which are responsible for the planning, supervision, and promotion of employee safety and health.
  • What is the responsibility of Safety& Environment Department?

    We’re applying for both domestic and foreign EHS management systems to develop and set LCY performance indicators, and to achieve our targets by planning, organizing, leading and control.
  • What is the responsibility of Loss Control Department?

    Business loss control engineering is based on sustainable development on optimizing the effectiveness and cost control. We eliminate EHS accidents and increase risk predictability through technologies of risk identification, risk assessment and loss control.
  • Is it correct if we only do it well on EHS activities at work place?

    EHS activities should not be confined to the conventional safety, health, environmental protection scope, and it should direct to all environmental risks. For the issue covered unsafe environment or unhealthy circumstance for employees is what we have to handle. It’s also closed correlation with to employees’ safety of daily life. Our EHS standard is always consistent not only for working place but also on their way to work.
  • Is it correct for all EHS regulations conducted just by EHS people?

    Our EHS management will continue to strengthen the line management and “involvement” to ensure employees’ implementation and their follow-up via EHS awareness promotion.
  • Is it correct for us to meet regulations only on EHS activities?

    Based on a world-class chemical company, our EHS policy is not only for local regulatory requirements, but also to meet international EHS standards or norms. We also dedicate to be the best practices on EHS.
  • Why safety is our potential competitive advantage?

    Safety is our core value, the integration of the overall competition, and the epitome of corporate culture. It’s positive to improve safety performance on enhancing the competitiveness of companies. To compare with other industries, we need take higher EHS criteria since the higher operation risk for petrochemical industry. In addition to focusing on quality, cost and reliability to grasp market opportunities as well as to meet the customer demand for products and services in order to win the trust of customers, it’s definitely our potential competitive advantage that we should insist on both commitment and responsibility on EHS, which are not compromised for all employees.
  • What is our attitude in case of EHS accident occurred?

    We always encourage colleagues unreservedly face a variety of safety issues through the process of accident investigation and analysis to help managers at all levels to identify their blind spots in risk management. We try to explore the root causes and potential consequences of the accident through risk assessment, hazard control. Moreover, we provide improvements and the corrective actions prevention of recurrence in the future, and to share lessons learning to each site to be free from repeated event. We also take it positive to make accident investigation.
  • What are the activities for site on walking around management?

    Behavior safety observation or walking around is common approach for sites, which could eliminate or reduce the risk of EHS activities in site to be acceptable or controllable through continuous care on employees.
  • When did LCY start issuing CSR reports? How often is it released?

    LCY CHEMICAL CORP. published 7 Corporate Responsibility Reports in the time period from 2012 to 2019, meanwhile introducing ESG Principles in the second quarter of 2019 and publishing the first report in the following year 2020. LCY publishes ESG reports annually since then.
  • .What is the framework for compiling the LCY ESG Report?

    LCY’s ESG report focuses on communicating with the public and interested parties that concern about its policies - through revealing a long-term goals of meeting the challenges of climate changes and global warming. Company sets to meet short and long term objectives for all future products, all manufacturing processes and raw materials by sustaining ECO-Prosperity, creating economic growth as well as the environmental governance.

    Company follows the requirements from the Global Reporting Institute Standard and from the Sustainable Accounting Standards Committee. Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards or SASB, published the Sustainable Accounting Standards for Chemical Industry to discover the sustainability related topics.
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