Management Organization

Environment, Health and Safety Organization

LCY has set up an Environmental Risk Management Division as a dedicated, level 1 management unit directly under the head office. Under the Environmental Risk Management Division, there are an Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection Dept. and a Loss Control Engineering Dept. that are respectively in charge of planning of environmental risk management and related technological matters, and overseeing the setup of industrial safety and environmental protection office at all sites within LCY Chemical. The Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection Office at each site is in charge of drafting, planning, supervising and promoting safety and health management matters and assisting relevant departments in implementation.

Safety and Health Policy

  • Self-Awareness upon Safety and Health Conscience
    Safety and Health Training upon Prevention
    Spontaneity upon Safety and Health Behaviors
    Harmlessness upon Safety and Health Environment
    Zero-Hazard upon Safety and Health

Environmental Protection Policy

  • Respect for Human Life
    Observe Regulations
    Prevention of Pollution
  • Sustainable Operations
    Continuous Improvement

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