Vincent Liu x Alan Lin Dialogue: LCY Chemical Gains Edge on Circular Economy Amid Carbon Neutrality

While carbon neutrality has become a global consensus, it will present unprecedented challenges for the petrochemical industry. Alan Lin, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Carbon Reduction, and Vincent Liu, Chief Executive Officer of LCY Chemical, share their thoughts on how Taiwan can keep up with the green push and strive for the circular economy.

LCY X REnato lab Dialogue: Pursue Circular Economy for Sustainability

As the fight against climate change becomes increasingly important, technology companies are focused on becoming more sustainable. For example, Apple has pledged to go entirely carbon neutral by 2030. That’s why LCY Chemical, LCY Technology, and REnato lab are committed to finding the best ways to use resources within a circular economy.

LCY R&D Center Cultivates Talent, Creativity and Business

LCY Chemical credits its top-tier R&D talents with a constant flow of standout innovations. Based at the R&D center in Nanzih, Kaohsiung, the R&D team turns creative and market-relevant ideas into business reality and patent applications. This blend of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship has made LCY Chemical a competitive force to reckon with globally.

Into Green Future


Philosophy of Innovation

Our R&D center encourages creative thinking and empowers our colleagues to innovate!

Vincent Liu, Chief Executive Officer of LCY Chemical