Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA)

As an important member of the global chemical industry, LCY GROUP has long been devoted to improving environmental protection, safety and health of employees. To strengthen risk evaluation and safety management in environment, safety and transportation for the domestic chemical industry, LCY GROUP became a founding member of the Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA) in 1998. Uniting the efforts of Taiwan’s chemical industry, TRCA endeavors to elevate the performance of workplace safety, health, and environmental protection in the chemical industry through supply chain demands.

Continuously improve the environment, and workplace health and safety

Responsible Care is a concrete commitment of chemical industries around the world, to voluntarily continue performance improvements in environment, health, and safety (EHS). To achieve this, chemical industries must meet or exceed regulatory requirements, collaborate with governments or other stakeholders, and participate in voluntary services. The Responsible Care System has been implemented in 53 countries.

LCY GROUP has participated in and given full support to various TRCA activities. The TRCA mission statement “recognizes the social responsibilities of Taiwan’s chemical industry by making continuing improvements in environmental, health, and safety performance”, which has become our goal in promoting EHS activities.

Sustainability commitment

TRCA’s performance in promoting the responsible care system in Taiwan is ranked second place in Asia, behind Japan only. TRCA is one of the few associations that has regularly and continuously updated our environmental safety reports. Furthermore, LCY GROUP also works with external professional organizations to maintain and enhance the environmental safety performances of domestic chemical industry by participating in Level II and III Emergency Response Information Center (ERIC) of the Industrial Technology & Research Institute (ITRI) and the Taiwan Chemical Awareness and Emergency Response Association (CAER).

Products and services created by LCY GROUP enhance the quality of life for all people, both now and in the future. Therefore, we are committed to striving toward an accident-free, injury-free workplace that causes no harm to the environment. We will make public our achievements in the development of sustainability and environmental safety, follow the principles of responsible care and seek long-term development and prosperity of the chemical industry.

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