R&D Substitute

R&D Substitute Service

The constant infusion of talented people is the force that drives the continuous growth of LCY GROUP. Therefore we work with the government to provide R&D experience for college graduates on substitute military service. We welcome graduate students in the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry and material science to apply.


  • Fresh graduates with a master or Ph.D.
  • Degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, material science or related major.
  • Interested applicants can go on 104 during October ~ December every year and search for LCY CHEMICAL CORP. and check if there is any opening for R&D substitute service. If you find the opening you are interested in, please submit your resume to recruit@lcygroup.com

Experience Sharing

Hsu Chan-Chia

National Taiwan University
Department of Chemical Engineering

I have entered traditional chemical industry and joined LCY family for more than two months as my substitute military service. Sincerely, I consider myself a very lucky person. I was trained as a chemical engineer for more than a decade, from my freshman year in NTU to the day I finished my Ph. D. degree; I can really put all these trainings to use. My overall expertise in thermodynamics is sufficient to shed light on the process issues, but some of my friends with the same background have to start over in other fields.
Furthermore, LCY GROUP is now trying to use simulations to accelerate research and development progress, which I can focus on all the process and physical properties prediction tools and make my contribution to the development. I also learned quite a lot form all my new friends here; we are all similar enough to understand each other, but we are also different enough to surprise each other. The most important is that I can really participate in real industrial process rather than academic research ,in which only numbers and equations flowing on the papers. No doubt I'll still have a lot of new topics to learn, but I have confidence to accomplish all the challenges in the future with all the partners in this warm family of LCY GROUP.

Phynman Jheng

National Cheng Kung University
Department of Chemical Engineering

It is lucky to be a member of LCY , I had known LCY GROUP before my graduation. To serve my military duty in LCY, provides me a chance to sharpen my expertise in polymer since.
People around here are brilliant and kind, I consider myself a fortunate person to meet them here. However, I feel myself still just on the midst of the way to go. There are so many things remain unknown for me. I need to keep my curiosity, being always like an explorer and being positive. After all, there’s no finish line for catching new things, keeping my mind fresh is the only way to see what is beyond.

Kimi Wu

National Taiwan University
Department of Chemical Engineering

I cannot imagine that a year ago I was studying on campus, and now has been working for a year. Faced at the time graduated considering whether or not directly serve R & D Substitute Services, looking back a year later, at that time I made the decision to let me learn a lot now.
Come to LCY, not only the professional knowledge into the workplace faster, but also save a year of military service. Students who are still on campus are definitely one worth considering the future. LCY steady growth, respect for colleagues, as well as attach importance to the environment and safety, have more than ever. I am Kimi Wu, I'm here, Have you done your choice? Come on and join LCY!

Kyle Lo

National Taiwan University
Department of Chemistry

I appreciate LCY CHEMICAL CORPORATION gives me a chance to work for them and join this big family. For me, LCY is the best chemical company in Taiwan. The working environment is safe and comfortable and colleagues are very friendly. They also provide a lot of learning opportunities that you can improve your skills and rich resources that you can get it easily. As soon as I graduated National Taiwan University and got master degree of chemistry, I chose to enter the LCY. This decision not only allows me to use what I learned in school, but also let me know my experiences and knowledge are not enough. If you are looking forward to working in a great chemistry company in Taiwan, LCY Company is definitely the best choice for you.

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