LCY Education Foundation

To change the stereotype of the chemical industry being a polluting and sunset industry, to increase industry value, to encourage innovation, and to inspire young talents, LCY GROUP and the LCY Education Foundation together hold an annual competition, providing grants and scholarships to distinguished professors and outstanding students in chemistry or chemical engineering department in universities.

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Elevate the level of chemical technologies and
benefit the society as a whole

LCY GROUP believes that students in Taiwan have creativity, pragmatic spirit, and international perspective, making them the source of competitiveness for Taiwanese industries. Therefore, the grants and scholarships offered to outstanding professors and students is an important part of LCY GROUP’s social responsibility; it encourages creativity and develops talents. To motivate collaboration between academia and industry, we award professors devoted to the teaching, research, development, and application of traditional chemical technologies in colleges and universities. Hopefully, through the award, chemical technology level can be further elevated, bringing prosperity to our community and Taiwan’s traditional industries.

Bring elements of innovation into the industry and
nurture sustainable international competitiveness

Through the scholarship program, we encourage outstanding students and the young professionals to join this field. This helps to enhance petrochemical expertise and bring forth the energy of innovation. This positive trend of creativity and team spirit will hopefully prosper LCY GROUP, stimulate corporate internationalization, and establish a successful model for the industry. In the future, we hope to expand the scholarship program in related fields so that more young people can benefit from our contribution to the society.

In 2010, we established the first scholarship program to encourage outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in hopes to increase students’ knowledge and skills, so that Taiwan’s chemical industry will abandon its traditional mindsets, and instead embrace and integrate new elements, maintain the competitive edge across the globe, and eventually benefit our community. Furthermore, program activities incorporate LCY’s core values of “creation of value, innovation and improvement, leadership, team excellence.” It is our hope that through participation in the scholarship program, students will not only have a better understanding of LCY GROUP, but also have gained the right values upon entering the workforce.

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