ESG Policy

LCY Chemical Corp. is committed to its sustainability vision: “We create Eco+ Prosperity for a better life.” In our drive toward sustainability:

  • We are the first Taiwanese chemical manufacturer fully subject to the regulation of ESG Standards.
  • We are the first chemical company in Greater China registered on the website of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), openly supporting TCFD.
  • We adopt green chemistry, develop innovative products, and incorporate sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • We reduce consumption of single-use packaging by using renewable plastics as comparable substitutes for crude materials.
  • We manufacture bio-succinic acid with 100% plant-based sources, as a 100% substitute for succinic acid produced from petrochemicals.
  • We assist clients in developing alternatives from a life cycle perspective starting from the design and development phase.
  • We are dedicated to improving energy efficiency, developing innovative materials, or redesigning processes.
  • We devise cost-effective solutions consistently to satisfy client need for enhanced efficiency.
  • We benefit from an improved brand equity by building Eco+ Prosperity together with clients.
  • We are responsible for providing more environmentally friendly alternatives to the downstream sector and manufacture end products for consumers.
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