We continue to stay updated with domestic and global policies and laws of each operating base, regarding legal compliance as the core of our corporate culture. In order to track, evaluate and manage the risk of changes in relevant regulations, all dedicated units and the industrial safety and environmental protection office of each site pay close attention to the changes and integrate support and implementation. Moreover, the company makes sure the employees understand and comply with all regulations through regular sharing of information on regulatory changes, education and training, awareness-raising campaigns, and public announcements, in order to move towards the management goal of zero violation.

Internal audits to minimize operational risk

We ensure the effectiveness of the internal control systems and the trustworthiness of corporate governance through annual internal self-assessments. If an internal self-assessment reveals a risk level of medium or higher, corrective measures and actual improvements will be proposed and reported to the board of directors. The Audit Department identifies the risk level and formulates an audit plan for the following year according to the results of the actual inspections and internal self-assessments of each year, and reports to the board of directors the implementation of the audit plan and tracks the measures addressing major irregularities each quarter.

Protection of human rights

We not only protect employees’ rights, but also pay close attention to the human rights of external stakeholders. Pursuant to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labor Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and local legislation, we have established human rights safeguards including the Employee Code of Conduct, Work Rules, and Sexual Harassment Prevention, Correction, Complaint, and Punishment Regulations, and also a Supplier Appraisal Procedure that incorporates suppliers’ human rights. The head office and each site have in place a risk management mechanism to address human rights issues encountered in the course of operation, through which concerns are identified, audits conducted, and regular review meetings held, to assess our human rights practice.

Protection of human rights
Target Human Rights Issue Audit Mechanism
Young workers Ban on child labor
All employees Forced labor, non-discrimination, occupational safety, wages and benefits, equality and respect, privacy and information security, sexual harassment
  1. Annual review of discrimination complaints.
  2. Annual review of discrimination and harassment incidents.
  3. Regular Safety and Health Committee meetings.
Female employees Protection for female employees
  1. Lactation rooms are available in the workplace.
  2. Employees are given the choice to apply for unpaid parental leave in accordance with laws and regulations. Paid maternity leave superior to that under the Labor Standards Act is included in the leave management system.
All employees Employee communications Discussions and consensuses between labor and management are recorded in meeting minutes.
Neighboring communities Healthy and safe workplace On-the-move audits and open house strategy.
Suppliers Ban on child labor, forced labor, non-discrimination, occupational safety, equality and respect, sexual harassment. Annual assessments and audits of key suppliers.
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