In developing sustainable products, LCY Group consistently dedicates resources to the mitigation of life cycle impacts in order to conform to or even surpass legal standards, reduce emissions of chemical substances, and control and lessen the impacts of waste on the environment. It also endeavors to secure all production, storage, and transportation processes to achieve the ultimate goal of zero accidents.

Sustainable Products and Processes

LCY Sustainable 6Rs

We incorporate the concept of life cycle assessment into product design in the development of the LCY Sustainable 6Rs, each with its own representative sustainable products or processes (please see image files), demonstrating our devotion to the creation of a sustainable Earth and also extending our influence to sustainable consumption.

LCY Sustainable 6Rs
Business Unit Sustainability Strategy LCY Sustainable 6R Products
Thermoplast Elastomers BU Prolong product life

Ease the reliance on petrochemical materials
TPV (green rubber)
TPE SBS GP-3545。
TPE SEP-8501U SBC (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Performance Plastics BU Energy saving, carbon reducing, lightweight

Innocuous, recyclable, high-performing
Post-consumer recycled polypropylene (PP)
Globalene 732R
Polypropylene (PP) for automotive applications
Translucent energy efficient polypropylene (PP)
Methanol BU Waste sorting.

Zero discharge of wastewater and liquid waste.
Simulated moving bed (SMB) technique.
WIK (Waste Incinerator Kaohsiung)
Pentaerythritol (PENTA)
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) process
Electronic Materials BU Recycling of specialty chemicals.

Key upstream of the technology industry.
Electronic-grade IPA (EIPA)
Biomass BU Biotechnology development.

Replacing petrochemical materials
Succinic acid
Bio-based carotenoids

LCY CHEMICAL CORP. and its subsidiaries do not and have never engaged in any form of animal testing, outsourced or otherwise. Furthermore, we are not required by any regulations to do said testing on any of our products and services.

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