We Create Eco+ Prosperity for a Better Life.

Group Chairman BOWEI LEE
  • Environment


    We develop sustainable products and processes, devise cost-effective solutions that alleviate environmental risks, and reduce exploitation of petrochemical materials. The objectives of reducing carbon footprint and energy and resource consumption and extending product life cycles are accomplished through sustainability strategies such as “five cycles of circular economy” and “climate change adaptation.”

  • Social


    People are our utmost concern, employees our most treasured asset, and “a better life” one of our commitments to sustainability. We anticipate the formation of a circle of trust with all stakeholders by disclosing our sustainability performance to them periodically, for the sake of co-existence, mutual benefits, and the common good.

  • Governance


    Governing with our “heart,” we incorporate ethics in our business operation and create sustainable impact, with the aim of becoming a role model for industries across the world. We adopt a compliance practice for our multinational operations that surpasses local legal standards. Risks are consistently identified through advance preparations, intelligence factories managed through data integration, and stereotypes broken down through innovation in research and development (R&D).

Contribution to the Society

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