Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, LCY CHEMICAL CORP. has been in petrochemical business for more than 40 years and became listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1977. Mr. Bowei Lee is currently CEO of LCY CHEMICAL CORP. Under his leadership since 1990, the goal is to be a world-class and state-of-the-art chemical company with revenue and profit growing 18 folds in 23 years. LCY integrates its operations into the business divisions of methanol, solvents, electronic-grade chemicals, rubber, performance plastics, and energy. To enhance competitiveness, and increase revenue and profitability, each business division formulates their own future business strategies in the aspects of raw material procurement, production integration, product marketing, customer service, technological development and future development based on their short, medium and long-term needs.

Keeping a leading competitive advantage for the purpose of
improving the quality of life

LCY CHEMICAL firmly believes in continuous enhancement of competitiveness, globalized operations, highly efficient teamwork, and providing strong customer services that ensures customer satisfaction. We also constantly seek innovation and strategic partnership while exploring infinite possibilities to break new grounds at measured pace so as to maintain our competitive edge. We assiduously learn from world-class corporations as we steer towards the goal of turning ourselves into a world-class company. Today, LCY CHEMICAL is not only the biggest producer of electronic-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and acetone (DMK) in Taiwan, we are also one of the top three thermoplastic elastomer producers in the world.

LCY CHEMICAL aims at improving the quality of life and attaches great importance to industrial safety and environmental protection. As a founding member of the Taiwan Responsible Care Association, we continue to improve our work environment and conditions following guidelines more stringent than the national standards. We adhere to the spirit of continuous improvement embedded in ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 to ensure total safety in all production, storage and transport processes, and ensure the safety of our employees, plant facilities and the public. We aim for zero accidents and assure the quality of our products and services with "superior technology", "initiatives" and "attitude of continuous improvement." Our ongoing efforts are validated by our plants passing the annual quality management system review.

Branches around the world

Currently LCY CHEMICAL has establishments in Taiwan, Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, Zhenjiang (China), Huizhou (China), Qatar, and Houston (USA), with LCY CHEMICAL, Zhenjiang LCY General Chemical, Zhenjiang LCY Warehousing & Storage, LCY Elastomers LP, HUIZHOU LCY ELASTOMERS CORP. and Qatar Fuel Additive under its flagship. We have five plants in Taiwan, two in China, one in Qatar and one in the USA. All of our plants have passed ISO 14001 certification.

Organization Structure

Management Team

Name Title Experience
TH Hong Chairperson and Vice President of Thermoplastic Elastomers BU MBA in Preston University, USA
Director, Vice President, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Manager, Taiwan Polypropylene Co., Ltd.
Vincent Liu Chief Executive Officer EMBA, National Cheng Chi University
Vice President, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Vice President, Business Management, Electronic Materials, BASF SE Ludwigshafen
Head of Corporate Marketing, Clariant Inaternational AG, Basel
Managing Director, Hoechst Taiwan Ltd.
CJ Lee Chief Operating Officer MBA, National Sun Yat-sen University
Special Assistant, Vice President, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Terry Hu Chief Technology Officer Postdoctoral Training in Biochemistry at University of Kansas
PhD. in Chemistry at Ohio State University
Chief Innovation Officer, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Fellow, Dow Energy Materials Business R&D
Chief Scientist, Dow Building and Construction Business R&D
Charles Wei Senior Vice President of Financial Center Bachelor of Business Administration, Fu-Jen Catholic University
Accounting & Finance Supervisor, Spokesperson, Board of Director, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Gavin Song Senior Vice President of Performance Plastics BU EMBA, National Cheng Chi University
Joey Lin Vice Present of Thermoplastic Elastomers BU M.S., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Manger, Director, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Wen Chiang Associated Vice President of Methanol BU Manger, Director, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Roger Chen Associated Vice President of Electronic Material BU Chemical Engineering Master, National Taiwan University
Associated Vice President, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Director, EDM_BU, BASF Taiwan Corp.
President, AZ Taiwan Electronic Material Corp.
Nova Fan Assistant Vice President of Environmental Risk Management Division Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University
Deputy Plant Manager, Plant Manager of Kaohsiung site, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
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