The steel drum factory of LCY CO., LTD. (LCYCL) was established in 1989 to meet the packaging needs for solvents produced by LCY GROUP. LCYCL started with making 55 gallon (208 liters) steel drums for own use. Later on as our high-quality products were well received by customers, we expanded our drum container business to start supplying other chemical companies.

  • Made of cold rolled steel sheet JIS G-3141 SPCC SD DOS-A (CNS 9278 G3195 SPCC DOS-A), which is FDA-approved food-grade steel material.
  • Thickness tolerance is based on the standards set by China Steel Corporation.
  • We are ISO-9001 certified.
  • All drum products have passed UN certification.
  • Ranked as a GMP manufacturer in management, technology, process and R&D.
  • rums with custom-made thickness and color are available.
  • Drum interiors may be coated per customer specifications (e.g. epoxy phenolic).

We offer all kinds of steel drums with enhanced properties, such as seal, resistant to hydrostatic pressure, pressure resistant, and shatterproof, to protect petrochemical materials and special chemicals during transport and to meet the sanitation and safety requirements for containers. Our drums are indispensable packaging material for petrochemical and special chemical industries.


Stainless Steel Drum

Made mostly of SUS304 stainless steel; smooth, shiny surface, not prone to dirt deposition and rust. Suitable to storing and transporting food, pharmaceuticals and electronic-grade solvents used by semiconductor companies.

Zinc Steel Drum

SGCC steel – cold-rolled, galvanized. Best packaging container for phenolic resins.

ISO Neck-in Open Steel Drum

For export purpose, a 20-foot container can only load 72 open-head drums, but it can carry 80 ISO neck-in open drums to help save packaging costs. In addition, ISO neck-in open drums can be stacked up stably to reduce the risk of damage. Suitable for storing and transporting paints, food, organic silicon, and water-based UV coatings for drum interior is painted with epoxy phenolic resin.

Quality Certification


- LCYCL is ISO 9001 certified.
- All of our steel drum products have UN certification.

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